Why Whitelisting?

Ensure HubSpot emails are delivered properly to the client's inbox.

A whitelist is essentially a 'safe sender' list that helps an email spam filter determine whether it should allow delivery or not.

Using a whitelist for HubSpot emails is very important to ensure that all of HubSpot's in-app communications get delivered by your company's server.

Examples of these notifications:

  • When you have been assigned to something
  • New form Submissions
  • When Imports / Exports are ready / have been completed
  • When there is activity on a record that you follow
  • When you are @mentioned within the CRM
  • When you have a Task due / task reminders

As part of setting up your CRM we recommend that you work with your IT team or whoever manages your internal email to make changes to your whitelist or "safe sender" list to ensure that your team don't miss any important communications and risk letting down your customers, missing sales opportunities or missing important communications that could inadvertently put your business at risk. 

During Onboarding, we will provide you details for setting up Whitelisting for your organisation within Wrike.

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