What can a basic user see?

Below you will find the features within HubSpot that ANY registered HubSpot that has been added to your account will be able to see.

Important Notes: 

  • You cannot remove the below permissions from users
  • Users do NOT have to be sent an invite to access the below. If they have registered their email address within another HubSpot account, and the same email has been added as a user, they will be granted access.


  1. See the Marketplace and REQUEST to install an app
  2. See connected apps
  3. See details of connected apps e.g Number of Shopify Contacts, Deals products. I cannot see specific ones.
  4. See Marketplace Downloads incl requesting refunds
  5. Access Tracking Code
  6. See properties and where they are used (cannot get into specific assets though)
  7. Request access to download quotes
  8. See the product library
  9. See the conversations inboxes, connected channels, and SLAs
  10. See conversations assigned agents and availability status'
  11. View connected domains and subdomains
  12. View domain Site Maps
  13. View Customer Portal Settings