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What are Playbooks?

Learn about playbooks and how to use them.

The playbooks tool allows you to create a call script, how-to playbook, or account-based selling playbook using a template, or create a playbook from scratch.

You can use playbooks in contacts, company, deal or ticket records. When you click on a playbook, the playbook content will appear in a pop-up window. You can then have users ask the contact predetermined questions, then enter their answer from an open text field or simply by clicking the relevant buttons. Answers can then be saved to the contact, company, deal or ticket. 

The playbook will save as an engagement on the object timeline with the questions, answers, and any notes. Any properties that are linked to a question & answer will be updated with the responses you selected or entered while using the playbook. 

With the playbooks tool, you can provide guidance with interactive content cards displayed in contact, company, deal, and ticket records for your team members to reference and create standardised notes when speaking to prospects and customers.