Viewing NPS Information for Contacts

Where can you view NPS survey responses as associated to particular contacts?

Once a customer has submitted their NPS survey response there are a number of places you can view the responses. 

Within the Survey Responses Page

  1. Navigate to Service > Feedback Services and Select the Survey you wish to view responses
  2. Adjust the filter on date range for the correct period and then select the contact you wish to view
  3. You should see the response information of that contact appear on the right of the screen


Directly from the Contact

  1. Navigate to Contacts> Contacts and then search for the contact for which you want to view NPS info for
  2. Select view all properties then search for the survey information you wish to view eg; "NPS"
  3. Survey info should be available under the individual survey contact properties


Additional Note: 

You may wish to set up specific sections (eg; a Survey Results Section) for relevant teams so that they can see customer survey info as a default section in contact properties. 

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