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How to use Roles, Users and Teams

Learn the difference between roles, users and teams.

HubSpot’s single sign-on gives you one account for all of the systems your business uses. You can set up staff as users to access your HubSpot portal and assign them different user roles depending on what level of access you want them to have. The new user should receive an email welcoming them to your account and prompting them to set their HubSpot password. If the user is already a user in another HubSpot account, they will not need to set a new password, but will now have access to your account when they log in.

Teams allow you to organise your users into groups for organisational and reporting purposes. With team permissions, every user will have access to the right assets. That means better organisation, higher efficiency and less risk of cross-team content mix ups for your company.  

You can also create permission sets for roles within your team. Once you’ve created a role and specified certain permissions for it, you can then assign new and existing users to the role which will grant them the role-specific permissions. Currently, only Super Admins can create roles.