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The HubSpot ⇄ AroFlo Integration by Integration Fox

Summary of how the integration works, what it can do, and what it can't.

Integration overview

The AroFlo integration can sync Contacts & Companies between HubSpot and AroFlo and create Deals from AroFlo to HubSpot. With this integration, it will be easier for the Client to interact and keep track of their customers throughout the entire buyer's journey, moving from one system to another.

Example flow of a typical use case

  1. Top-of-the-funnel marketing campaign with lead ads/forms created in HubSpot
  2. Lead submits marketing form and becomes an MQL in HubSpot
  3. Lead gets email nurture from HubSpot
  4. Lead submits sales enquiry form and becomes SQL
  5. Sales rep assigned in HubSpot
  6. Sales rep qualifies the lead and updates Qualification property to Qualified. This triggers the AroFlo integration to create a Contact and a Company (Client) in AroFlo.
  7. The sales rep creates a Quote in Aroflo and sends it to the client. This triggers the integration to create a Deal in the quoting pipeline in HubSpot under the stage "Quoted".
  8. Deal sits in HubSpot deal stage "Quoted" for more than 2 days and a task is created to follow up on the quote.
  9. The client approves the quote. Status is changed to Approved in AroFlo and Deal is updated to stage Closed Won in HubSpot by integration.
  10. Sales rep creates task in AroFlo to do one of the jobs outlined in the quote. Once a job is finished, the task status is updated to Completed and Invoiced. This triggers ArfoFlo integration to create a new deal in the Completed Jobs pipeline in HubSpot. The Deal is updated with what jobs were done and when.
  11. Workflow is triggered in HubSpot to send NPS survey to the client and an email reminder a couple of months later when it's time to schedule the next job.
  12. Clients are segmented into marketing lists in HubSpot based on jobs completed and customer type data from AroFlo.

High-level integration flowchart

Integration requirements and limitations

Marketing Hub Pro and (at least) Sales Hub Starter license required

Multiple pipelines, Deal based workflows, and Marketing Email Workflows required to get the most out of the integration.

Sync is never real-time

There is always a delay when syncing objects between the systems. This can range between 1 minute to 5 minutes depending on when it's initiated (a Delta sync is done every 5 minutes from HubSpot).

Limitations to the Aroflo API

AroFlo limits the number of API calls to 2000 calls per day. Potentially this means that if we've used all our API calls for one day, the sync will be paused until the next day.

What can we do about it?

You can ask the client to send Aroflo the following email:

Dear Aroflo

We need to keep our AroFlo data sync'd as close as possible in “real-time” with our HubSpot data to enable our sales team to operate as efficiently as possible. When a client is created or updated in Aroflo (or a quote created or updated etc) we need to send back that data to HubSpot.

And vice versa when we create a new contact in Hub pot and qualify it as ready to quote when need to move this over to AroFlo as close to “realtime” as possible.

We currently have over XX,000 clients and are growing this list at approximately X-Y per day, and having a tight integration between Aroflo and HubSpot is a key part of our growth strategy going forward.

Comparing AroFlo's limit of 2000 calls per 24 hours to HubSpot's 100 calls per minute leaves a number of compromises against the data we receive and push to and from AroFlo at the moment, causing delays and data not being in sync “real-time”.


Your Client

Custom properties

There is some room to add custom properties to Clients (Contacts and Companies) and Tasks (Deals) in AroFlo. As long as these can be accessed through the AroFlo API, the integration can easily be customized to bring those fields over to HubSpot. Please consult Integration Fox with any customization to fields before confirming with the client.


Please note that HubSpot can only update AroFlo with Client and Contact properties through the integration, not Task (Deal) details. Deals only sync one way (Aroflo to HubSpot).

How to install

To install the integration, an Integration Fox account will have to be set up by Integration Fox and access granted to AroFlo. Integration Fox then installs and deploys the integration.

There are also a couple of workflows that need to be set up in HubSpot for the integration to work. See sheet "AroFlo workflows" in H&D | Aroflo integration flow for specifications.

Backfilling of data

Upon deployment, the integration can backfill data between the systems. This will have to be initiated by Integration Fox.

Mapping overview

The integration syncs contacts and companies two ways and deals one way (AroFlo to HubSpot). There is no concept of a Deal in AroFlo, it's a task with different types and statuses, e.g Task with Task Type "Quote" and Task Status "Approved".

Objects being synced:

Aroflo   HubSpot
Client (Commercial) U+21C6.svg Company
Contact U+21C6.svg Contact
Task U+2192.svg Deal
Quote U+2192.svg Deal
Client (Residential) U+21C6.svg Contact

See mapping pages within the Integration Fox UI for property mapping specifications for each object: https://app.integrationfox.com/signin

(Minimum) engagement 

Task Points
Session: Integration flow and mapping 1
Set up integration* 6
Backfill data 1
Testing and approval 1

*Default setup excluding any customizations

Additional reading