Checklist | Set-up your HubSpot Profile & Settings

This checklist includes the basic steps to set-up your HubSpot portal, connect your applications and start to familiarize yourself with the key features of the CRM.

    Getting Started on HubSpot

    • Log-in to HubSpot using the HubSpot Link sent to your email
    • Set your profile picture 
    • Add your phone number and hit save
    • Set your email signature
    • Set your notifications - we recommend leaving email notifications on to start with
    • Set any required security settings up (check with your IT provider or internal policies)


    Connecting your inbox


    Create your Meeting Link


    Contacts & Filters

    • Familiarize yourself with the Contact View by selecting a contact 
        • Note the properties that appear on the left pane
        • Find the View all Properties button
        • Practice filtering and sorting the activity timeline within the contact
        • Notice what appears on the right pane
    • Familiarize yourself with saved filters for your team
    • Familiarize yourself with the Activity Feed
    • Repeat for companies noticing how similar the two are



    • Familiarize yourself with tasks
        • Practice filtering by type, priority and date
        • View the task
        • Note the queue feature for tasks



    • Familiarize yourself with Dashboards
        • Practice filtering dashboard by date range
        • Select another dashboard from drop-down menu
        • Set your preferred dashboard as your default dashboard



    • Familiarize yourself with deals
        • Practice changing the pipeline
        • Familiarize yourself with the deal stages
        • Practice selecting a filter from saved filters


    Notification Center: 

    • Notice the notification center and how activity and notifications appear