How do I see how my landing pages are doing?

Find your Landing pages and see how they are doing in HubSpot

For a quick overview of your - you can go to your Marketing Dashboard (this is your HubSpot logo on the top left corner)

Once you are in your Marketing dashboard you can filter by date or time period, this will be default display the results for the month so far.

By scrolling down on your Marketing dashboard you will also see a box which says "Top Landing Pages", this will show you your top pages and views for the month so far (or your time period selected)

From here, drill down to each landing page by clicking on an individual link and seeing the stats for this.

The alternative way you can view your landing pages is to go to Marketing > Website > Landing Pages

Hubspot Image

Your landing pages will appear in a list, you can then click on the link of the page you would like to see.