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How to use Sequences

Learn more about sequences and how they work.

Sequences is a tool that queues up a series of emails and sends them at scheduled intervals. This can save you a lot of time when it comes to following up with your contacts. Sequences aren’t just emails, you can do other things, too, like creating tasks. You can use the pre-made tasks or create custom tasks and choose whether you want them assigned immediately or after a set time period. Tasks should be assigned to the person who enrolled the contact into the sequence.

You have many options to control exactly how each sequence works. You can decide whether you want emails to send only on weekdays or if weekends are okay, too. You can also determine whether the emails in this sequence will be threaded to inherit the first email’s subject line to show up as a single thread in the recipient’s inbox or if they’ll show up as separate threads. You can also limit the time range that follow-up emails are sent in. Or, if you have Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise, you can have HubSpot determine the best time to send the email and send it when the recipient is most likely to open it.

You can enrol people into the sequence by clicking the ‘Enrol’ button when creating the sequence as well as from the contacts page, individual contacts record, and inside your Gmail or Outlook inbox if you’re using.


Contacts will be unenrolled from a sequence automatically when any one of the following occurs:

  • The contact replies to one of the emails in your sequence. In most cases, out-of-office replies will not cause unenrollment.
  • The contact sends an email to you, not as part of the sequence, from the email address that was enrolled.
  • The contact sends an email to you from an alias of the email address enrolled in the sequence. This activity will not appear on the contact's timeline.
  • The contact books a meeting with you, or books from a meetings link in one of the sequence steps, even if it's not your meetings link. Meetings booked via the Schedule tab on the contact record or directly on an integrated Google Calendar will unenroll the contact if the user whom the contact books with is the user who originally enrolled the contact in the sequence.
  • The contact unsubscribes via the unsubscribe link in the sequence.
  • The contact's email address bounced, likely due to an incorrect email address.

Additionally, a contact can unenroll from a sequence automatically if one of the following occurs in your HubSpot account:

  • The sequence is deleted from your HubSpot account.
  • The user who created the sequence is downgraded or deleted from your HubSpot account.

Contacts must be manually unenrolled from a sequence at the contact record level if they respond to a sequence via a phone call.