Client Workshop: CRM Enablement Discovery/Shadow Session

Shadow sessions work with end-users at the coalface to ensure that we don't miss processes and requirements when designing your Sales and Service Enablement

What is a Discovery/Shadow Session?

A shadow session is a 1 hour meeting that we hold with end-users to understand the current processes and tools that they use to do their day-to-day job.

Why do we do Discovery/Shadow Sessions?

Shadow Sessions are a precursor to the full Sales and Service Design Workshop/s.

The full design Workshop/s tend to have more senior leadership type attendees, and we tend to speak more conceptually - this can mean that important practical processes and requirements can be easily missed.

By shadowing individuals who are actually on the job, we physically see how they are using the tools and dealing with the customers and understand key inclusions, challenges and opportunities before entering the Design Workshop/s.

This allows our facilitators to have a far greater understanding of how your business currently operates as well as reducing the risk of missing critical requirements from your future process.

Who attends a Discovery/Shadow Session?

Typically we have one facilitator from H&D + the end user.

The ideal end-user is dependent on the nature of the enablement work, but typically will be a Sales Rep, Service Rep or an admin role that supports sales or service.

What is the format of a Discovery/Shadow Session?

If possible we like to run Shadow Sessions in-situ, i.e. in the field or at the end-users desk.

This provides an informal and real-life example of the end-users day to day environment, which can provide some great insight to help us with the Sales/Service enablement design.

The format can change dependent on the end-user, role and environment, but typically we will:

  1. Have a quick chat about what the individual does day-to-day - we will note down any processes, assets, tools, that are relevant to our engagement
  2. Ask them to walk us through the relevant processes, assets, tools, identified above
  3. Clarify any areas that are working really well or where there are opportunities to improve

What is the output of a Discovery/Shadow Session?

Throughout the session, the facilitator will take detailed notes that will be used internally by H&D to support the Design Workshop/s.

These form an informal internal document and are not typically shared with the client but can be on request.