Portt | Design do’s and dont’s

Please follow the below process and requirements for ANY design work for Portt including webinar assets, event stand design work, emails, social media images, e-book design, etc.

2 Weeks Lead Time

  • Portt to ensure that HD is provided minimum 2 weeks lead time, ie 2 weeks to complete final draft of design from date of receiving a COMPLETE brief.
  • AM to ensure all briefs are to be entered into Wrike by COB Friday to ensure it goes into the next sprint. 
  • AM to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of scope for reviews and revisions as part of the brief and estimation.
  • For urgent requests, AM to try and expedite where possible if and when there are resources available, however this is to be an exception rather than the norm.

Briefing Call

  • Portt team to ensure briefing call to be held with AM and HD designer present at least a couple of days before brief is completed and approved.
  • HD team to ensure full brief is understood and approved with Portt BEFORE commencing work.

Providing/Receiving relevant specs, assets, etc

  • HD designer to ensure that all logos, formats, specs, etc are requested and received from Portt BEFORE starting any work. All requirements are to be confirmed during or after briefing call, and before starting work on the design. 
  • HD designer to liaise with AM to procure all necessary assets from Portt. Alternatively please email Portt team directly and cc AM.
  • Portt to ensure ALL relevant specs and assets are provided, and any additional requirements are communicated correctly BEFORE work is started
  • HD designer to review past work done by HD to get a grasp on what has been done and approved by Portt in the past. See examples below:
  1. Conference artwork
  2. Webinars
  3. Ebook

FOLLOW these guidelines:

  • Original brand guideline is stored here , however only certain elements are to be followed such as:
  1. Colors, fonts and spacing
  2. Emotive and people imagery
  • Overall style needs to feel more techy and modern combined with the Portt colours that make it unique.
  • HD designer to always check with Portt if they want muted or bold colors in the designs. Eg: Use muted colors for conference stand design and vivid colors for a brochure or flyer.
  • All approved Portt imagery library are stored in Teams folder here, under Brand > Portt imagery library.
  • All relevant documents, assets and imagery MUST be stored in the Teams Folder instead of Gdrive.

DO NOT do the following:

  1. Do not store any Portt files in the HD Shared Google Drive. ALWAYS store in and refer to the Teams folders. This is due to Portt’s internal security measures.
  2. Do not use tic tacs following any headings or words.
  3. Do not use any of the illustrations - big NO NO, as Portt is moving away permanently from illustrations.