Paul Dyson

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Name: Paul Dyson(He/Him)
Role at H&D: Business Analyst
H&D Team: Solutions
Myer Briggs: ESPF - A  (Entertainer)
Coffee: Cool Clear Water

Favourite Thing About H&D: Give me a few weeks :-)

Introduction: I started in IT a long time ago in a country far away. However I am a kiwi from the heart of the North Island, easy going, laid back and empathetic. If I am sarcastic towards you it means I like you, please do not be offended.

I believe strongly in team work and that teams are far more valuable than individuals, I have worked in most areas of IT though networking(wires, wireless etc.) has never been an interest. I look forward to working with you all. 

Skills: Business Analysis, Coding, SQL, Solution Architecture, Empathy.

Surprising things: I'm a useful quizzer, as long as the questions are being asked I know the answer too.

Hobbies: Fishing, Swimming, Beaching and The Mighty Warriors, Keeping the faith.

Natural Environment: In my wharenui surrounded by whanau and e hoa.