Who's, What's, When's, Where's & Why's of Advanced On-boarding Meetings.

The ultimate guide to Advanced On-boarding Meetings.

Kick-Off Meeting - 2 hours

- Ivan, Matthew

Introduce the clients to their onboarding team and to HubSpot. Runs them through the way Hype & Dexter will run the program and presents the scope of work within a predetermined schedule to be completed by Hype & Dexter and the client.




Content Strategy Workshop - 2 hours

- Alex

To understand why the content is important, where the right content strategy fits with modern SEO and how content addresses the clients customer needs.


Campaign Proof Presentation - 1 hour

-Chris or Alex

To present the campaign proofs produced to the client for approval.


Client Workshop Chatbot Flows - 1 hour // can be done digitally

- Chris

Determine how chatbot supports our goals and to understand the purpose of chatbots, how to best use them and how they work.


Persona Presentations - 30 minutes // can be done digitally

- Chris

Explain why Personas are important, relevant and to understand the goals and challenges of the clients Persona. Discuss how we will build the customer journeys that align with the clients persona.


Campaign Strategy & Goals - 1 hour

- Chris or Alex

This is to share creative concepts for the initial campaign, define the campaign strategy and customer journey and to come to an agreement on the best way to move forward to start the campaign build.


Final Approval - 15 minutes // can be done digitally

- Ivan

Client to approve their portal and campaign.


Marketing-Hub Training - 2 hours

- Chris or Alex

To guide the client through marketing hub tools, including best practice set up of landing pages, blog, marketing emails, marketing automation, forms and social.


Sales CRM Implementation - 4 hours

- Romi, Matthew 

Basic set up of CRM including 1 pipeline, pipeline workflows(professional), contact, deal, ticket and company properties, set up of teams, roles(enterprise), contact, company and deal creation requirements, lead scoring, reporting requirements and sales tools demo & 'give it a go'.




Sales Design - 2 days

- Romi, Matthew

Establish goals, pain point and promised land to cover what is HubSpot what is inbound sale and what is the buyer journey. Defining what is MQL & SQL, trigger and results. Establishing and creating pipeline/s. Defining pipeline in stages and requirements as well as properties, tasks, workflows, snippets, sequences, templates, playbooks defined by pipeline stage. Identifying software tool usage and integration needs. Identifying sales collateral defined by buyer journey stage. Defining and documenting reporting requirements, filters. Defining the roll-out plan. 




Marketing Kick-Off - 2 hours

- Chris and/or Alex, Ivan

Introduce the team and to introduce the clients to HubSpot. Runs them through the way Hype & Dexter will run the program and presents the scope of work to be completed by Hype & Dexter and the client.