Marketing Platform Migration Sessions

This article gives an overview of what can be expected in a Marketing Platform Migration session.

Session 1: Platform Review


A collaborative session hosted by Hype & Dexter to review and evaluate the client's current marketing platform as well as to define current asset categories for migration. 


  • Introduction to the team who will be managing the migration for the Hype & Dexter and who will be involved from the client side
  • Defining of glossary terms for assets in current platform and equivalent terms in HubSpot
  • Have a ‘power user’ from the your team walkthrough the current marketing platform so that we can start understanding the key features they are using and functionality that is required.
  • Capture the categories of the assets to be migrated and introduces the register.
  • Complete one campaign as an example.
  • Client is handed over the register for completion.

Session 2: Prioritisation


A collaborative session Hype & Dexter and the client review the campaign register and determine the priority for each asset/category. 


  • Go through the register with the client and ensure everything was captured.

Identify what the priority of each asset/category is


Has to be running continuously, if it was down for an hour the business would notice 


Would be a P2 but it's complex so it's better to start migrating sooner rather than later.


Important but it's not continuously running. If it broke we would have time to fix it with no harm. If it's not ready for cutover, it would have to be soon after. 


This will always be assigned to the client or would have to be completed in a future project.
    • Agree on which assets should be assigned to H&D based on an estimate of the hours required and the hours in scope.
    • The rest of the assets will be assigned to the client, with training/support also taken from the hours in scope.
    • If more hours are required for migration actions, training, or support, we can draw up a change request to cover the additional work.

    Session 3: Go-No Go 


    A collaborative session hosted by Hype & Dexter where we determine whether each member of client team wants to go ahead with cut-over or not and how we will proceed. 


    The migration team (Hype & Dexter and client) regroup to talk through each asset category and discuss whether we are happy that what has been migrated is ready to GO, or something isn’t ready meaning it’s a NO GO.

    If all say GO:

    • Great, we will start using that category of asset (eg sending emails) from HubSpot instead of the old platform on an agreed date.

    If one person says NO GO:

    • The team discuss why and what needs to be done to make it ready to go ahead of a second Go/No-Go Session.


    1. If, with discussion, the person changes their mind, we can make it a go in the same session.
    2. If we have a mixture of GO and NO GO we may wish to wait to cutover when we can do it all at once.
    3. If we have any NO GOs we will agree actions and book a second session to review again for when these will be completed.


    Outcomes & Outputs

    Length & Facilities

    Allow 1-4 hours for session 1(Platform review), depending on the scope.

    Allow up to 1-4 hours for session 2 (prioritisation), depending on the scope.

    Allow up to 2 hours for sessions 3 & 4 (Go/No-Go), depending on the scope.


    If we are doing these sessions at your location we will need:

    • Access to the presentation room 15m prior to the session to setup.
    • A projector or screen to present on with HDMI or Universal Connector (if your screen does not support these formats please let us know prior to the session).
    • Access to WiFi (please send us details prior to the session).

    Your team will need to bring:

    Themselves and their devices.


    Who typically attends these sessions

    Your key stakeholders 

    H&D Facilitator

    Typically these sessions are facilitated by your Hype and Dexter Project Manager, Marketing Lead, CRM Lead, and Data/Solutions Lead.



    Session 1 (platform review) is typically scheduled 1 week after Kick-off.
    Session 2 (prioritisation) is typically scheduled 2 weeks after the review session.
    Session 3 (Go/No-Go) is typically scheduled 2 weeks after the prioritisation session, and the second Go/No-Go 1 week after the first.