Improving existing content

Instead of endlessly creating more content, there might be more to be gained from enhancing what you've already got.

Improving your content overview

Google rep John Mueller:

"If you can improve your content, that's probably the best approach possible."

What if you could boost organic traffic to a page by say 261%... simply by making that page better?

It's just a three step process:

  • Update the content and screenshots
  • Added more detail
  • Improve the structure and readability

Here's that step-by-step process

First, look for content that checks two key boxes:

#1: Posts that already get a decent amount of traffic.
#2: Posts that could use a new paint job.

Next, improve that content.

-Load new pictures.

-Rewrite the intro to make it evergreen... and ensure it includes the most relevant and up to date keyword terms.

-Update the meta description, image alt text, etc as well.

Finally, relaunch the post.

The combination of "new-and-improved content" + "buzz"=higher Google rankings (for a few days or weeks). And if your content is truly better than the other results on Google's SERPs, your improved ranking will stick.

So to generate some buzz on the upgraded post, share on social media... and schedule them to be re-shared over the next few weeks.

Send out a heads up to email subscribers  to let them know about the new post as well.

That's all there is to it.

Bottom line?

If you want more search engine traffic, more content isn't the answer. Better content is.