HubSpot Tracking URL Structure

Tracking URLs allow you to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. You should use tracking URLs when you're directing traffic to a LP from somewhere other than a CTA on your own site, like email blasts, PPC campaign, banner ad, and so forth.

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Tracking URL Usage

Tracking URLs should be used for all ads, social posts and any links from other sites or collateral which do not use HubSpot CTAs.

Required tracking URLs should be identified at the beginning of onboarding and during the creative process.

Tracker setting options

  • Campaign:
    • See HubSpot | Configure Marketing for information regarding campaign structures and setup
    • If setting up tracking URLs for another provider then ensure that a separate campaign is setup for them
  • Source: Other Campaigns:
    • Print ad
    • TV ad
    • Radio ad
    • Online content
    • Job site
  • Medium:
    • Where Print ad source has been entered under Other Campaigns:
      • Magazine
      • Newspaper
      • Other print
    • Where Online content source has been entered under Other Campaigns:
      • {Publisher name}
        ensure you are consistent, i.e. always enter NZ Herald, not NZ Herald NZHerald,, Herald, etc
  • Term:
    • Do not use
  • Marketing Action Information
    • Always fill this out, the date should be the planned launch date of the campaign.

Example scenarios

3rd party campaign, link from a blog article

e.g. First Home Buyers Club

For a blog article on their website
  • Campaign: First Home Buyers Club
  • Source: Other Campaigns: Online content
  • Medium: First Home Buyers Club blog