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Stop free email providers being automatically created as companies and associated with contacts

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For example, if you add a contact with the email address, HubSpot will search your database for companies with the domain "” If one exists, Sophie’s contact will be automatically associated with it. If one does not exist, a new company will be created. This is a powerful feature and a huge time-saver: just by creating a single contact, the company record is automatically created and enriched and associated with the contact.

But, even if this setting is enabled, you don’t necessarily want a company to be auto-created for every contact you create. If you were to add or to your database, chances are that you don’t need Gmail and Comcast created as companies. With that in mind, behind the scenes, HubSpot keeps a list of companies that we do not auto-create companies for. This saves you the hassle of cleaning up unwanted companies from your database.

Onboarding Tasks

As part of onboading a new HubSpot client standard NZ and AU free domains are added to the automated opt-out list.

To update the opt-out list...

  1. In HubSpot click on the Settings cog icon in the main nav
  2. Click on Contacts & Companies in the left-hand menu
  3. Click on the Opt a domain out of automatic association link
  4. Copy and paste all domains from this Spreadsheet to the Opted out domains field
  5. Click the Save button