H&D | Press Release Process

The following process should be followed for all press releases to ensure we’re covering all our bases, and all important information is included.

1. Brief to be provided with boilerplate/ template - if not, use previous release as a guide

Be sure to include the following:

Hype & Dexter 
Alex Mackrill 
+64 21 993 541 

Press release submissions must be at least 600 words long. Press releases have been getting shorter and shorter. With our story lengths starting at 450 words (to make Google News happy), your release will be deleted if it is fewer than 600 words long. 

You must include an image to accompany your press release. And you must provide a caption to accompany it, including the names of those featured. Additionally, make sure images are HIGH RES

2. Send press release draft to our media contact for final approval

— not for all press releases, double check with Alex whether this step is needed. 

— send the draft to partnercommsreview@hubspot.com for final approval before sending across to our media list

3. Send press release to the media list found in HubSpot

mention that we are available for further comment — double-check Alex’s mobile number before sending

Include the body of your release in the email, and as an attachment. Include all 3 formats (word doc, PDF, and in email), unless specified by the contact (be sure to let recipients know that you have included all 3 formats). This is because copying a quote out of a PDF leaves them with formatting to fix. Releases with attachments have a lower chance of coverage.