Email Template: Marketing Hub Training - Pre-session

To be sent out one week before the session.

Ahead of our HubSpot training session, please ensure you have completed the HubSpot  Marketing Software & Inbound Marketing Certifications in HubSpot Academy so you have a good basic knowledge of the platform.
With this in place our session can be completely focussed on getting you ready to train others in your organisation. We will cover:
  1. Planning & Strategy
    • Campaign set up
    • SEO & Overview of Topic Clusters
  2. Lead Capture
    • CTAs
    • Forms
    • Lists
  3. Website
    • Landing Pages
    • Thank You Pages
    • Blog
  4. Marketing Fundamentals
    • Ads
    • Email
    • Social
  5. Reporting and Automation
    • Analytics & reporting
    • Marketing Automation
  6. Conversations
    • Conversations inbox
    • Live chat
    • Chatbots
  7. Getting support (this will be covered in the session by default)

If you haven't completed the certifications, we can focus our training on giving you a broad overview of HubSpot's Marketing Hub functionalities.

Could you reply to this email to let me know what your top priorities are when it comes to using HubSpot Marketing? This will enable me to design the session with a focus on those particular areas.
Reminder: For the session you should bring a laptop with you see you can get hands-on with some of the features we'll be going over.