Capturing Australian Contacts & Leads

Basic overview of the Australian SPAM Act 2003 and guidelines on lead capture and permission to email

1. Permission (consent)
Commercial electronic messages can only be sent if the account holder (for example, the person who owns the email or phone account) has given permission. Permission can be given directly (‘express’) or, in limited circumstances, apply indirectly (‘inferred’).

2. Express permission

An individual agrees to receive your marketing.

For example, a person may sign up to your mailing list.

3. Inferred permission

You may be able to infer permission from an individual’s conduct, business or other relationships. For example, if a consumer holds a bank credit card, that bank may contact them with related offers.


Include a line under any landing page forms stating:  "By entering your information in this form you are agreeing to receive emails from us."


Important to include in the brief for landing pages and any other key functions where it should feature, eg; chatflows, forms etc. 


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