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Creating & Reviewing Reporting Dashboards

Points on how to create and review reporting dashboards to HubSpot best practice

  • Reports are using a relevant display type - eg. all reports are created in horizontal view as it is easier to read (unless otherwise specified for requirements) 
  • Date range on individual modules/reports needs to be consistent across the dashboard
  • Think through when creating properties as it can mess up reporting 
  • Using colours for different record type reports eg deal (blue) contact (orange) company (green)
  • Ensure naming conventions are consistent and descriptive
  • If creating a Sales Dashboard it should  include an Overdue tasks report by filtering tasks by date range is in the last 365 days 
  • Use the out of the box report (Tasks incomplete assigned to me by due date) for task reporting as it includes additional complete task functionality 
  • When selecting a date range consider whether to use the entire month or month to date consider  what you're trying to show  
  • Do not create individual rep dashboards use a filter - deal owner is me 
  • Reports are named clearly and follow a standard naming convention
  • Reports are using sensible filters, e.g. not are an SQL, became an SQL