Customer Journey Mapping Agenda


Length: 4 hours per buyer profile

Attendees: H&D Marketing Lead, H&D Support Person, at least one member of the client's Marketing, Sales & Customer Service Teams


  1. Introduction to the Customer Journey
  2. Becoming a customer
  3. What it’s like to be our customer
  4. Why do people love us and leave us?
  5. Discuss and prioritise opportunities 


Your buyer journey mapping will help you identify risks, priorities and opportunities across all stages and touchpoints you have with your target audience and customers.

You'll leave with a better understanding of where you are currently meeting, or falling short of your customers' needs, what content, channels, messages you need to consider, what questions you need to answer, and what you need to prioritise to create the best possible customer experience.

Why Map the Customer Journey?

The top 5 reasons to create a customer journey map are:
  • Adopt a truly customer-oriented, outside-in perspective. 
  • Prioritise activities that make an impact on customers and business. 
  • Improve internal collaboration and alignment. 
  • Implement CX initiatives with more confidence and speed.
  • Grow a customer-centric culture.