Customizing Sidebar Sections by Team

Choose the properties that will be displayed for users in your CRM when they view contacts, companies, deals, and tickets.

Create a Customized Section

  1. Navigate to Settings > Properties > Records Customization
  2. From this screen you can search and edit existing views, filter to find the view you are looking to edit or create new team views
  3. Select Create Team View
  4. Select the type of view (Contact, ticket, deal etc) and then select Next in the top right corner
  5. Enter the Name of the View
  6. Select from the drop-down the team(s) you wish to see the section 
  7. Enter in the Section Name to appear on the Contact Sidebar
  8. If you want the view to be conditional (only appear on contact/deal/ticket etc if conditions are met) select Make this Section Conditional and then select the property and values for which you want to set conditions
  9. Search and select properties on the left to include in the section
  10. Reorder them in the box on the right to specify the order they appear in the sidebar. 
  11. Select Save


Further Resources