Client Workshop: Service Hub Design Session

Meeting Agenda & Explanation


Capture your requirements for Service Hub implementation including the customer service ticket capture and automation.


  1. Key pain points
  2. How success is measured
  3. Determining KPIs
  4. Customer Service Journey
  5. Phasing-in Process
  6. Service Modules
  7. Conversations, Social & Chat
  8. Tickets
  9. Knowledge Base, Snippets & Templates
  10. Reporting
  11. Questions & Next Steps

Outcomes & Outputs:

To enable the service teams to:

  1. Manage, track and report on Service Performance
  2. Prioritise customer enquiries
  3. Create support tickets
  4. Manage client communications
  5. Streamline and automate the Service Process through:
    Customer Service Journey
    1. Conversations: Email, Social & Chat
    2. Tickets/ Tasks
    3. Knowledge Base
    4. NPS & Customer Feedback
    5. Slack Integrations
    6. Reporting


Who typically attends these sessions

Anyone who needs to be involved with how the Service team will use the CRM. Typically these are individuals within Service Leadership Roles.
These sessions are limited to 3 client attendees and assume an existing knowledge of Service CRM concepts and some existing experience with Service Process Design or Service Team Leadership.
H&D Facilitator

Typically these sessions are facilitated by the Project Lead  on your project.

Please contact Grace Kim on or +64 27 208 3033 to book in this session. 

This Session can be scheduled around 7 weeks from Kick-off of your project.

Internal Use Only

Supported services:

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