Client Workshop: Post CRM Cutover Coaching Session

Meeting Agenda & Explanation


We use best practice design methodologies and processes in the design, configuration, training and roll-out of new CRMs.
It is challenging during design and training to truly experience how your CRM will work in practice.
Therefore we run the CRM post cutover coaching sessions to help understand how things are working in practice so we can tune your CRM, make small changes and provide additional training and direction.   


  1. What is working?
  2. What is not working?
  3. Are there any areas not being used? Templates, Snippets, Sequences, Quotes, etc
  4. Are there any areas that can be automated or streamlined?
  5. Is there any information you need easier access to?
  6. Next Steps

Outcomes & Outputs

  • At the end of each coaching session any small changes and training clarification areas will have been covered.
  • Actions for larger changes and support.
  • By the end of the coaching session series, the team should be happy that their CRM meets their current state requirements (as per the original project scope and Change Requests) and have a framework for ongoing improvements and tuning of their CRM

Length & Facilities

Allow 1 hour for this session

If we are doing this session at your location we will need:

  • Access to the presentation room 15m prior to the session to setup
  • A projector or screen to present on with HDMI or Universal Connector (if your screen does not support these formats please let us know prior to the session)
  • Access to WiFi (please send us details prior to the session)

Your team will need to bring:

Just themselves, however we recommend that you have a session prior to coaching with anyone who currently uses the CRM to cover off the following questions. This way you will be able to better represent your business needs and increase CRM buy in with your team...
  • Are there any areas that they are currently struggling with?
  • Are there any areas that they are not currently using that they would like to use
  • Are there any areas that are missing that they would like to add in
  • Is there any important information that they need at their fingertips that they would like added to Dashboards or Contact, Company, Deal or Ticket views
  • Are there any areas that they need more training on?
  • Are there any processes that are a bit clunky in practice?
  • Are there any other opportunities for improvement, streamlining or automation?

Who typically attends these sessions

Anyone who is using HubSpot on a day to day basis.
These sessions are limited to 3 client attendees and assume an existing knowledge of CRM concepts and some existing experience with CRM Process Design or CRM Team Leadership. 

H&D Facilitator

Typically these sessions are facilitated by the CRM Design Lead + CRM Design Configurator on Your Project.

Please contact Grace Kim on or +64 27 208 3033 to book in this session. 


    This Session can be scheduled 1-2 weeks post cutover to the HubSpot CRM.

    Internal Use Only

    Supported services:

    Sales, Service
    Snippet reference: #coaching