Client Workshop: Marketing Hub Training

Meeting Agenda & Explanation


This session is the ideal opportunity to learn how to navigate HubSpot's marketing tools, such as building campaign landing pages, managing the marketing database, publishing posts to social media and much more.
This is a "hands on" session, so all attendees should be prepared to engage with the HubSpot portal.

Typical Agenda

  1. Overview of marketing with HubSpot
  2. Walk through of the Marketing Hub Features available to you
  3. Getting the most out of HubSpot
  4. Any questions you may have
  5. Next steps

Outcomes & Outputs

Receive training on HubSpot Marketing Hub so that the attendees can complete the following tasks:
  • Sending Marketing Emails/eDMs
  • Creating and Updating Landing Pages & blogs
  • Creating & monitoring social media posts
  • Creating CTAs and Forms
  • Planning & Managing Campaigns & SEO
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversations & Chatflows

Length & Facilities

Allow 4 hours for this session (this may be up to an 8 hour session, depending on your marketing enablement scope).

If we are doing this session at your location we will need:

  • Access to the presentation room 15m prior to the session to set up
  • A projector or screen to present on with HDMI or Universal Connector (if your screen does not support these formats please let us know prior to the session)
  • Access to WiFi (please send us details prior to the session)

Your team will need to bring:

  • A laptop connected to the Internet, or desktop if using a training room

Who typically attends these sessions

Anyone who will be using the HubSpot Marketing Hub and needs to manage Marketing Emails, Landing Pages, Blogs or Content.
These sessions are limited to 3 client attendees.


Please ensure that any participants have completed the:
  • HubSpot Marketing Software Certification
  • Inbound Marketing Certification
in the HubSpot Academy.

H&D Facilitator

Typically these sessions are facilitated by the Marketing Lead on Your Project.

Please contact your Project Manager to book in this session. 


The Marketing Hub Training Session typically occurs around 9 weeks from Kick-off. Note that this will depend on the scope of your marketing enablement project.
In general you will want to ensure that the session is held close to launch / handover of your HubSpot portal so your portal is configured, but is close to when your team will actually be using the portal so they can apply the training straight away.

Internal use only

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