Client Workshop: CRM Configuration Review

Meeting Agenda & Explanation


During the design session, we ask you to imagine your CRM experience, but if you are not doing this every day this can be difficult to do - with our process, we aim to gather as much information as quickly as possible to help us configure your CRM - so you can then see it in action and provide more constructive feedback.
During this session we will review the implementation as per the CRM Design Session:
  • Walkthrough of configuration, so you can see what we envisioned in practice
  • Discuss any areas or clarification from the configuration
  • Gather detailed feedback from you on anything that needs to change


  1. Agenda & Session Purpose
  2. Process
  3. Considerations & Groundrules
  4. Quick Review of the Flow Diagram from the Design session
  5. Walkthrough of Key Flows
  6. Next Steps

Outcomes & Outputs:

  • Demo of your CRM configuration 
  • Capture feedback for change (now that you see it in practice)
  • Confirm if we need another session to review changes from the feedback
  • Identify any areas that we may need to cover in more detail during training 

Length & Facilities

Essentials: Allow 1 hour for this session

EssentialsPlus: Allow 1 hour for this session

Accelerator: Allow 2 hour for this session

Enterprise: Allow 2 hour for this session

If we are doing this session at your location we will need:

  • Access to the presentation room 15m prior to the session to setup
  • A projector or screen to present on with HDMI or Universal Connector (if your screen does not support these formats please let us know prior to the session)
  • Access to WiFi (please send us details prior to the session)

Your team will need to bring:

  • Just themselves

Who typically attends these sessions

Any key CRM stakeholders that are involved in the management or influence the teams or processes around CRM. 
These attendees must have attended the entire previous CRM Design Session.
These sessions are strictly limited to 3 client attendees and assume existing buy-in / that attendees champions of the CRM.
It is critical that attendees understand that this is an open feedback session, the system will not be perfect - the purpose is to show something operating so we can get early feedback and clarify any points to be able to complete the configuration and prepare for training.
We may add additional feedback sessions dependent on the level of changes. 

H&D Facilitator

Typically these sessions are facilitated by your CRM Lead - but should be organised via your Project Manager.

Please contact Grace Kim on or +64 27 208 3033 to book in this session. 


This session will usually be scheduled 1-2 weeks post your CRM design session.