Client Workshop: Chatbot Flows

Meeting Agenda & Explanation


Define the chatbot journeys and how chatbot can support your business goals. 


  1. Get an understanding of chatbots and their purpose
  2. Decide on the goals that the chatbot will support, and how
  3. Workshop the proposed chatflows

Outcomes & Outputs

  1. An agreed proposed chatflow structure
  2. An understanding on how to manage chat conversations

Length & Facilities

Allow 1 hour for this session 

If we are doing this session at your location we will need:

  • Access to the presentation room 15m prior to the session to setup
  • A projector or screen to present on with HDMI or Universal Connector (if your screen does not support these formats please let us know prior to the session)
  • Access to WiFi (please send us details prior to the session)

Your team will need to bring:

Just themselves

Who typically attends these sessions

Should include the client project lead along with any relevant stakeholders from Sales, Marketing or Service.

H&D Facilitator

Typically these sessions are facilitated by the CRM team.

Please contact your Project Manager to book this session. 


This session is typically scheduled 4 weeks from Kick-off

Internal Use Only

Supported services:
Marketing, Sales & Service
Snippet reference: #chatbotflows