Buyer Profile Process

What's a Buyer Profile?

Your buyer profile defines which companies are a good fit for your offering and which ones are not. 

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So as a B2B company, the definition should be at the company level, not the contact level.

This is important because even if your point of contact doesn’t make the purchasing decision, they’re still valuable to speak to if their company matches your ideal buyer profile.

How is a Buyer Profile different to a Persona?

Within your ideal Buyer Profile are Personas that define the different behaviour and buying patterns those customers.

Your personas are fictional, generalised representations of your ideal customers.

How do we create a Buyer Profile

There are six questions to answer to identify your ideal buyer profile during the Buyer Profile Client Workshop session:

  1. Are there company sizes that are ideal or not ideal who would buy your product?
  2. Do you define size as employees, revenue, customers, or another metric?
  3. Are there industries or verticals that are ideal or not ideal?
  4. Are there geographic locations that are ideal or not ideal?
  5. Are B2B customers better than B2C?
  6. Are there other attributes that make the buyer ideal or not ideal?

Prior to the session, create the workshop deck which will provide direction for the workshop.

In the appropriate client folder, click New > Google slides > From a template > {3CODE} | {project} | Buyer Profile.

As this process is created in collaboration with the client, apart from some tidying, the document should be complete.

Load the Buyer Profiles into HubSpot

In HubSpot, click on the  Settings tab > Properties.

In the Search properties field, enter Persona (although Buyer Pofiles are different, they are loaded into HubSpot as if they were Personas).

Click the Persona property that appears. An Edit property screen will appear. Click on the Add another persona. You will then be able to input the details for your first persona, including:

  • Name (eg Detailed Derek)
  • Description (this is the one-liner that best describes each Byer Profile from the workshop deck)
  • Roles
  • Goals & challenges (as outlined in the workshop deck)
  • Demographics (Age, income, education & location as appropriate)
  • Story (This is also from the workshop deck)
  • Tick the "Automatically create smart lists for this persona" box, and save.
  • Repeat this process for each of the Buyer Profiles.

Once the Buyer Profiles have been created in Personas, you can now create the Persona Allocation workflows.

  • Go to Contacts > Lists
  • Click on Create folder > enter Folder name 'Personas'
  • Click Create list > Contact-based and ensure that Active list is selected. Name the list Persona | {Enter persona name here}.
  • Select the appropriate filters that will trigger contacts to be added to this list. As mentioned above, this may be associated to known properties/ custom properties.
  • Once all of the approriate lists have been created, go to Automation > Workflows.
  • Click on Create folder, then create a folder named Personas.
  • Create a workflow for each of the personas, with the trigger being List membership to the appropriate list previously created. 
  • The following action in the workflow will be Set Property Value > Persona >  Select appropriate persona.